You may not be seeing as much Sarah Mumper Photography as you think!

So unfortunately, Facebook feels like those who have a small business page don't deserve likes, comments, or publicity unless they pay to have their posts "Sponsored". You may not even realize it, but Facebook doesn't always share my pictures with you - unless I pay for it. If you would like to see the pictures I share, go to Sarah Mumper Photography on Facebook and make this quick adjustment to your Facebook notification setting. It will actually take you longer to read this post, than it will to make the change. I've noticed only those who make this quick adjustment consistently see my pictures. I hope to continue to share my passion with you, and for you to see it! :-)

After you find Sarah Mumper Photography on Facebook, click on the "Liked" button.

Below is what you will most likely see after you hold your cursor over the "Liked" button.

Step 2.png

Simply make sure "See First" and "All On" are selected and you will begin to see the pictures I share with you!  It's that easy!  (It will look like the image below.)


Have a fabulous rest of your weekend!! :-)